Tips to stop smoking

On national No Smoking Day I was asked to come into U105 radio station in Belfast to be interviewed about how hypnotherapy can help people to stop smoking. I was a smoker myself for 20 years and hypnosis stopped me. I’m glad to say I’ve been free from tobacco for 8 years now and feel great for it. People ask what the success rate is for hypnosis and stopping smoking. It’s about 80% I guess which is quite high. I always make sure that the client is ready to stop smoking and is highly motivated. If they aren’t completely sure I politely ask them to come back when they are ready.

You are in control of the habit and can change that habit. I can help guide your unconscious mind to undo all of the triggers to smoke that have built up over the years. It’s a 2-way street working with a client with focused attention and imagination to build a picture of how great it will be when they finally kick that habit.

The nicotine and carbon monoxide is out of your system in 48 hours so it’s the habit that needs changed.

On the radio interview I gave some practical tips that you can do yourself.

– Take a deep breath

A simple but incredibly useful technique. Some people mistake that first drag from a cigarette as relaxing and calming when in fact a lot of what you are doing is taking a deep breath. Cigarettes cannot calm and relax as nicotine is a stimulant. A deep breath while saying “Breathe and feel good” to yourself will give you that moment.

Any urge or craving only lasts a few moments

– Keep a sports bottle of water with you at all times

Drinking water from a bottle gives your hands and mouth something to do instead of smoking. And it helps to flush the poisonous toxins from cigarettes out of your body.

– Find a way to get a break from your workstation.

Many people smoke so they can take a moment and have a break. You can do this without having to smoke. Go talk to a colleague, get a cup of tea, coffee or preferably water.

– Change how you talk to yourself

This is crucial and something I teach people how to do using hypnotherapy. You can help change you own way of thinking with this simple tip.

We all run an inner commentary in our heads. Instead of saying to yourself “This is difficult” or “I’d really love a cigarette”, say to yourself “I can do this, I am calm and relaxed and happy to be free from smoking”.

-Treat yourself to something nice with money saved

At £10 a day for a packet with a habit of 20 a day it costs over £6500 to smoke. Think what you can do with that money!

-Brush teeth regularly

You won’t want to ruin that lovely fresh breath

-Think how good you’ll feel and look in future

Imagine what it will be like when you have succeeded. Feeling good, energised, smelling great with extra money in your pocket.

– If you slip up don’t despair

Many people falter and have a puff. Don’t use this as an excuse to start smoking again. Treat it as a hiccup and know that you are a non-smoker again.

I hope you find the tips useful.

Keep positive!


You can listen to the interview here