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Hypnosis Explained

What is Hypnosis?


I’d like to talk a little bit about hypnosis, perhaps answer some of the questions you may have on your mind.

The hypnotic state is something we experience many times a day. When we first wake up in the morning, when we’re drifting off to sleep, driving a car, watching a movie or tv or daydreaming. When you’re lost in a really good book. It’s a very natural experience of focus.

We have two very separate minds or two levels of processing that goes on in our minds. There’s the conscious mind. That’s what we are aware of right now. Below that level of awareness, we have the subconscious mind that does a number of things. It controls our immune system and the automatic body functions, such as our heart beating and our eyes blinking and body temperature. It is all the processes that we are not consciously aware of. It also is where our attitudes and beliefs behaviors and habits are stored.