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“Thanks to Warren I just completed a return flight in total calmness! I haven’t flown in around 7 years and I actually enjoyed the experience, I have NEVER enjoyed a flight in my life. . . I’m delighted! Thank you Warren!!” – Elizabeth

“I came to Warren because of flashbacks and anxiety from a childhood incident, where I witnessed a close family member horrendously and gruesomely injured. I’m now 44 so I’d spent nearly thirty six years reliving the incident which was really affecting my life. I saw the world as a dangerous dark place, if an ambulance went by I’d cry. I had difficulty with allowing my son do anything like sports through anxiety for his wellbeing. I was generally reliving this trauma if anyone became ill or got hurt. I had tried ignoring it, rationalising it and more recently I’d tried holistic therapies and transpersonal counselling as well as inner child work. Warren used a combination of a few techniques in our session and the results have been more or less immediate for me. I have deliberately recalled and talked about the accident since our session and ive visualised everything I saw as that young child, and basically it is now… just like the distant memory it should be. I have no panic, and the old extreme emotional reaction is completely gone. This feels like a life long dark cloud has lifted. I will be always grateful to him. I found Warren to be highly empathetic, sincere and kind. And most importantly … extremely effective. I would highly recommend that you use his services.” – Pippa

“Wow Warren…..thank you so much for an amazing session. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough!” – Anna

“I have struggled with obesity half my life and still am I walked into Warren York Hynotherapy 15th February 2018 in search of help to change my way of eating. Warren’s words and way of working have enabled me to feel good that I can achieve this weight loss goal for the rest of my life I’m on the right path now and hope to stay there. I would highly recommend Warren York Hypnotherapy.”

“I’ve had a fear of flying since 2001. Since then I have genuinely believed getting on a flight would be putting myself in danger. I would go on holidays-but only when I had a prescription of diazepam and lots of drinks before a flight! Although I love going to new places- the fear of getting there and back would consume me and at times has ruined my holidays.My boyfriend booked to take me to New York for my 30th birthday- I was so excited but then the fear sunk in. I booked to see Warren at the end of November and to my surprise I managed the long haul flights with no panic or fear. I’m just back from the USA and can’t believe I managed the flights so calmly- there was turbulence and a medical emergency on board during one flight and I coped! I only had one session with Warren and for the first time I was able to relax and enjoy my holiday. I still have some anxiety but nothing compared to what I suffered before. I’ve already been looking at other holidays- usually when I’m back from a trip I’m desperately trying to avoid going away as I’m traumatised from the flight! I would recommend Warren to anyone!” – Polly

“Can’t recommend Warren highly enough. Incredibly knowledgeable, professional and passionate about what he does. Brilliantly explains his techniques and how utilise them!”  – Ryan

“I have struggled with depression for the last 17 years. I’ve tried everything(or so i thought) but nothing even made a dent. In fact, much of it made me worse. Medication clashed with my body and left me in hospital, counselling heightened my anxiety. I did what I could with the techniques I had but even they were overwhelmed by the depression and eventually I decided that more alternative measures were needed. I found Warren’s website online and made an appointment. Sceptically I sat in the clinic that first day while we calmly talked through my issues before a brief hypnotherapy session. That was the day I became strong enough to face life again. Warren helped me detach from all the previous traumas and experiences that held me under and left me ready to face and process anything that came at me from that point on. It was extraordinary. I dont know why this isnt recommended more by GPs for depression. I “attended the clinic weekly for a time and every time, Warren channelled in on exactly what I needed that day and focused on working through it, even if it meant going over our allocated time. I would say that if youre considering hypnotherapy that its important to research and choose the right therapist, and I would also say that in terms of training, knowledge, care and professionalism-Warren York comes highly recommended. It changed how I lived my life, and though I am taking a short break from therapy to deal with some physical health issues, I look forward to returning shortly to continue the care and maintenance of my mental health and wellbeing.” – Nichola

“Thank you Warren, things are great!! 7lbs gone this morning, I will be 9’13 in no time thanks to you.” – Martina

“Hi Warren just to let you know that today marks a whole week and a day of being free from hair pulling!! all from that one session last Saturday! All urges to do it are also gone- can’t believe it. It has honestly had such a huge impact on my life already only one week in!!! If I had of known about you years ago I would have saved myself so much time in therapy lol! Cannot thank you enough! Life changer!” – P

“Warren really helped me deal with my stress, anxiety and grief,fully recomend this guy and wonderfull work he is doing.” – Kasia

“Absolutely fantastic. Warren is a true professional who instantly puts you at ease. No nonsense, no gimmicks and no hard sell. Just true professionalism from start to finish.One session and I was sorted. Would highly recommend to anyone who needs help with a range of issues such as stopping smoking, phobias, addiction, PTSD, self esteem etc.” – Jackie

“I’ve been to a number of Hypnotherapists over the years and the majority have left me feeling awkward, either through the use of gimmicks, their quirky demeanor or general lack of interest.
Warren was warm and welcoming and instantly put me at ease and maintained this throughout the session.
I have recommend him to most of my friends and would especially encourage 1st timers to see how it should be done!” – Douglas

“I went to see Warren as I have quite chronic arachnophobia. I’d feel faint and short of breath even at a picture of a spider. I’d been treated by a hypnotherapist about 16 years ago and had fantastic results but I’d let my irrational fears creep back and needed help. The results were great! I wanted the help which makes it easier but it only took one session (we ran over the hour but both agreed to keep going as we were on a roll) and I learned some new techniques so now although I don’t want a pet tarantula I’m able to handle a spider in the house. Warren is very easy to sit with and listen to and makes you look practically at the reasons behind your fear. Highly recommended!” – Suzanne

“I came to Warren because my eyesight was getting worse in the last 2 years and after one treatment it is back to normal.” – Modestas

“I cannot thank or recommend Warren enough. I was a smoker all my adult life (15-20 a day) and was seriously concerned i wouldn’t ever be able to quit. One session with him and I haven’t smoked since. That was over 4 ears ago – my daughter has never known her daddy as a smoker, and thanks to Warren I’m sure she never will.” – Colm

“Not the theatrical show I’d expected thanks to frauds and tv shows. I was apprehensive prior to going but Warren’s calming nature and professionalism put me at ease instantly. I’ve been recommending him to everyone.” – Kathy

“Very pleased to recommend Warren and have already advised some friends to check out his services. It definitely worked for me for stress and pain management.” – Michael

“Following years of anxiety and insomnia, and being unwilling to increase medication, I decided to address the underlying issue by trying 3 sessions of hypnotherapy. After the second session I felt a huge emotional release. I use the techniques Warren taught me on a daily basis & will be returning for regular Mind MOT sessions for maintenance. With the proviso that you have to be opened minded and focused during the sessions, I believe that hynotherapy is a powerful tool.”  – Christine

“I walked in Warren’s office really sceptical about how he can help me tackle my emotional overeating and my stress levels which had been skyrocketing for a good few years. Warren was open to my scepticism and answered my questions with great professionalism. First session, and I managed for the first time in my adult life to stop eating when I felt full. We worked on a number of issues I felt I needed to address, and his approach was brilliant with everything. I can safely say he has changed my life, and I’m definitely going back for touch ups and recommending him to everyone I know. I consider my sessions with Warren an investment on wellbeing, and I can already see the results!” – Thana

“Amazing totally amazing can’t recommend Warren high enough!! Had an appointment with him today & boy I feel so relaxed.
Thank you so so much!!!” – Jenn