An amazing new way to remove unnecessary pain

  OldPain2Go is a once only treatment that bargains with your unconscious processes to ask it to remove old, unwanted and unnecessary pain (no trance needed). Because it is your own system doing the work it will know if the pain needs to be there as a safety system or whether it can remove that […]

Take the 5 Minute Holiday

  (From an article in Bam!) Have you ever just wanted to take a break from the day and get rid of all the stress and anxiety that has built up? Belfast hypnotherapist Warren York says it’s easier than you think. Here are his top tips for taking a five minute holiday: 1. Space Find […]


The importance of breathing correctly is forgotten sometimes. We get caught up in the moment, our breath becomes shallow and fast. This helps us to stay in, or get into fight or flight mode. Try this simple breathing guide. For better results engage the diaphragm. Breathe into the tummy rather than the chest and notice […]

Other hypnotherapists I recommend around the UK

I offer one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions at our Belfast practice in Ballyhackamore. If you can’t make it to Belfast I can offer effective therapy via Skype. If you are in other parts of the UK however and would like quality hypnotherapy in person there are some hypnotherapists I can highly recommend. In Birmingham there is the magnificent […]

Kinetic Shift

I cannot believe the results I am getting with Kinetic Shift. My clients at our Belfast practice can’t believe it either. People who have had anxiety and PTSD are walking out of my office in under an hour transformed! In fact Kinetic Shift only takes a few minutes and for people who have been to […]

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