The importance of breathing correctly is forgotten sometimes. We get caught up in the moment, our breath becomes shallow and fast. This helps us to stay in, or get into fight or flight mode. Try this simple breathing guide. For better results engage the diaphragm. Breathe into the tummy rather than the chest and notice […]

Other hypnotherapists I recommend around the UK

I offer one-to-one hypnotherapy sessions at our Belfast practice in Ballyhackamore. If you can’t make it to Belfast I can offer effective therapy via Skype. If you are in other parts of the UK however and would like quality hypnotherapy in person there are some hypnotherapists I can highly recommend. In Birmingham there is the magnificent […]

Kinetic Shift

I cannot believe the results I am getting with Kinetic Shift. My clients at our Belfast practice can’t believe it either. People who have had anxiety and PTSD are walking out of my office in under an hour transformed! In fact Kinetic Shift only takes a few minutes and for people who have been to […]

Tips to stop smoking

On national No Smoking Day I was asked to come into U105 radio station in Belfast to be interviewed about how hypnotherapy can help people to stop smoking. I was a smoker myself for 20 years and hypnosis stopped me. I’m glad to say I’ve been free from tobacco for 8 years now and feel […]

BBC’s Trust Me I’m a Doctor conducts hypnosis study.

Hypnosis has a long and colourful history – and because of this, it’s often been dismissed as a cheap parlour trick. Michael witnessed the power of hypnosis first hand under the expertise of Professor David Oakley. He was first tested for his ability to respond to various suggestions whilst hypnotised using the Harvard Group Scale […]

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