New scientific study at Stanford discovers how hypnosis works

Real hypnosis is a clinical tool frequently used by psychiatrists. Now scientists are catching a glimpse of how it affects the brain.  The technique has been used to treat pain management and anxiety, among other conditions.   A group of researchers at the Stanford School of Medicine just used brain imaging to see what was […]

Do you need a Mind Coach?

It’s not often that a relatively unknown tennis player beats seven top-20 opponents in the space of 12 months. But that’s what Johanna Konta has done. Having started last year 146th in the world, the Sydney-born 24-year-old is now set to climb into the top 40. Success like that doesn’t come easy, and last month […]

Study shows hypnosis helps improve a rider’s confidence

New research suggests that a rider’s confidence can be significantly improved by just one session of hypnosis. Sherree Russell Ginger, a clinical hypnotherapist and qualified BHSAI, conducted the research as part of her BSc in clinical hypnosis at St Mary’s University College, Twickenham, earlier this year. “The findings showed that confidence can be increased by up to […]

Learning from the Masters

I recently went to London for the Secrets of Hypnosis seminar.What an honour to train with and meet Dr Richard Bandler, the man who co-invented NLP. He tells stories and entertains whilst integrating learning at a deep level seamlessly. Paul McKenna was also great with practical hypnosis tips, demonstrations and a great overview of the […]

“Are you going to get me to cluck like a chicken?”

Is ITV’s new hypnosis game show harmful? I was recently interviewed  by a local paper about the hypnosis gameshow, You’re Back in the Room. I was misquoted and the article read that I “poured scorn” on the show. Not quite. ‘Mindhacker’ Keith Barry will use hypnosis for contestants to win cash prizes. Hosted by Phillip […]

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