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Blushing and erythrophobia can occur spontaneously even at times when the blusher feels comfortable and confident, for instance amongst friends or family, this erratic nature of blushing tends to feed the fear. People can be held back in life, as often unfamiliar situations can trigger blushing, so avoidance of risk taking and new situations can occur.

There are many triggers for blushing, here are just a few examples:

  • Being the focus of attention
  • Public speaking
  • Unexpected or random situations
  • Meeting strangers
  • Meeting friends
  • Restaurants
  • The ‘Boss’
  • Being watched or judged

How Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy helps with Blushing

  • Increasing confidence
  • Improve self esteem
  • Reframing negative thought processes
  • Stimulating calmer, more rational thought processes
  • Reducing feelings of isolation
  • Accessing any underlying causes
  • Reducing sensitivity to trigger situations
  • Reducing the fear of blushing
  • Gaining control over subconscious reactions