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Sports Improvement

Competition is won or lost on the six inch playing field between the ears.”

Bobby Jones


From golfers to boxers and footballers, mastering mental as well as physical skills is a vital element in sporting achievement – both for amateurs engaging in sport for their own enjoyment and for more committed and professional athletes for whom the stakes are higher.

Hypnosis and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) have shown themselves to be extremely effective, outcome-oriented and empowering approaches for the development of essential psychological skills in the sporting domain.

If you have the physical skills then you’re missing out if you don’t get the most from your mind! 

  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Establish effective sporting goals
  • Improve motivation for training and competition
  • Manage competition anxiety
  • Control stimulation levels for peak performance
  • Effectively acquire new skills
  • Rebound from adversity or defeat
  • Stop negative self-talk

These techniques can be applied to all sports at any level and can give you the focus and edge you want.


Nobody loses concentration they just put it in the wrong place.”

Elite athletes use all kinds of scientific technology to improve their performance including equipment, training advances and nutrition. On-the-field practical training alone is not enough to fulfil their aspirations and so off-the-field mental development is widely considered to be an essential part of the training regime. Those who perform at the highest level will have mastered the psychology of their individual sport and will have learnt how to apply 21st century physiological and psychological knowledge about the interaction between body and mind. In short, the greatest of champions and athletes have also learned to think successfully.

Many hypnotherapists, simply offer relaxation techniques to sports performers. This is often not appropriate and can be to the detriment of performance at the elite level.

It’s not just on-field problems that affect athletes and their performances. Typically non-sport issues such as insomnia, stress, phobias and traumas can all hinder an athlete’s best efforts, issues which can equally be effectively dealt with using hypnotherapy.


Here’s how it works

You know how your mind is full of negative mind chatter that tells you can’t do this or that, and is constantly putting you down?

The brain picks up any messages that get through to it, and immediately uses them to build new thought patterns and behaviours.

The purpose of this technique is to go straight into your unconscious mind by bypassing your conscious mind. The unconscious is the part of the mind that controls our habits and behaviour.


Over the sessions you require to meet your individual needs, I will cover the following areas –

Demystifying hypnosis

Explaining the mind body link          

Establish effective sporting goals    

Improve motivation for training and competition

Manage competition anxiety             

Effectively acquire new skills – (accelerated learning)

Rebound from adversity or defeat – (useful in between rounds, holes or at half-time)        

Stop negative self-talk

Improve focus and concentration

Help athletes prepare for particular competitions

Facilitate healing in injured athletes – Unleashing self-healing

Optimising natural stimulation levels

Eliminating distractions

Managing emotions and learning optimisim

Helping the coaches with their issues!


Contact me now to arrange a session to begin transforming your sporting performance.