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Master Mind Golf

Master Mind Golf


As I’m sure you know, once a golfer has become skilled in how to control the club and ball, a crucial element is often neglected – controlling our mental attitude and emotions on the course.

As an experienced clinical hypnotherapist and psychologist I can offer the edge to you my Master Mind Golf sessions. The same edge that the top golfers in the world have, using sports psychologists such as Bob Rotella and Mike Finnigan who charge thousands of pounds for a session.

With my one to one sessions, some of the skills I will teach include:

  • Learning to switch ‘on’ when approaching a shot, so you can easily get focused when you really want to be in the zone.
  • Stop negative thinking.
  • Manage competition anxiety and improve motivation for training and competition.

I can teach you how to switch ‘off’ after a shot whatever the outcome and enjoy playing.

The things we do best in life we do unconsciously. When we stop over thinking a task we perform better. This is why I use hypnotherapy to really get to the part of the mind that learns and recalls all of the resources we need when we require them.

This is what sets my one to one In the Zone Golf sessions apart from reading a book or watching a dvd, to improve the mental skills that 95% of golfers neglect from their game.

Here’s how it works…

The purpose of this technique is to go straight into your unconscious mind by bypassing your conscious mind. The unconscious is the part of the mind that controls our habits and behaviour.

You know how your mind is full of negative mind chatter that tells you can’t do this or that, and is constantly putting you down?

The brain picks up any messages that get through to it, and immediately uses them to build new thought patterns and behaviours. The complex movements of the golf swing will become a natural habit as driving a car. Once your unconscious is trained your golf game will work on autopilot without thinking.

Of all the hazards, fear is the worst.
– Sam Snead

The mind messes up more shots than the body.
-Tommy Bolt

It takes hundreds of good golf shots to gain confidence, but only one bad one to lose it.
– Jack Nicklaus

The only two things you are trying to control are THE BALL and YOURSELF.

  • Being able to eliminate “outcome anxiety” for your shots
  • Knowing the secret to handing negative emotions and making them work FOR you, not against you
  • Having deceptively simple ways to instantly cure your hooks and slices
  • Understanding what to focus on when you stand over your shot
  • Internalizing the insider tips and tricks pros use to develop unshakeable confidence
  • You can play effortless, magnificent golf time after time
  • You eliminate the emotional roller coaster of golf; golf becomes more pleasant for you and your friends
  • Prevents bad shots from frustrating you; stops you from obsessing over your technique
  • Simplifies golf for you so you can trust your body and enjoy the experience
  • You no longer worry about confidence lows; saves you time and money on tools and aids that are not helping

One to one personalized sessions are £120
Groups of four people are £400